Reviews from Alexandria Parents

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Tamar Beck

We’re so glad we chose to send our son to Kiddie Academy. From the first tour we felt so welcomed and supported by all the staff which definitely helped ease those first few weeks of panic and anxiety…for him and us! He settled in really quickly and its lovely to see him now waiting by the front door at home excited to head in to daycare. I feel really lucky that we discovered this gem of a place.


Bec Ainsworth

Our son has been going to Kiddie Academy, Alexandria for over a year now and we couldn’t be happier with Charity and the lovely Educators. It is such a friendly and supportive environment and I feel assured that our son is getting the best possible care. Our son’s development has been incredible since attending Kiddie Academy and he has made so many friends. Thank you Charity and Team.


Graziela Calestini

I had my daughter enrolled in the centre 2 months ago. It wasn’t easy for both of my daughter and I at the start I guess because we never had been apart from each other for more than few hours before then. Thanks to the great carers and management team, she settled really well and started loving going there very soon. The centre helped a lot especially in getting her routine set up as well as improving her social ability. Charity, the director, has been a great help during the process. She is a great manager and an experienced consultant.


May Shinne

Aug 16, 2016

Friendly and caring educator (very supportive in both physical and emotional growth), fantastic outdoor space and equipment, quality care and education for individual needs and wants, warm and friendly environment like second home. If you are looking for the right childcare centre for your little one, I recommend you to try Kiddie Academy. I guaranty that you and your little one will love it.


Daria Tomczak

Jul 30, 2016

Professional staff members who create an environment of the second home for all the children and make them happy and involve learners day in day out


Carolina El Kabbout

Aug 15, 2016

Kiddie Academy is fantastic! The educators are amazing, and very friendly. My kids really enjoy going to this Childcare centre because they are always busy doing something, they come home so tired but happy and they keep telling us what a great day they had at Childcare. I just think that kiddie academy is the right place to have your kids in. They will love it! 100% ?


Belinda Woods

Jul 26, 2016

Staff are friendly and allow all the children to develop at their own pace in their own individual way! The portfolios are the best way to see exactly what my children have been learning and completed during their time, reading it all feels like I was there at the time.


Samantha Clyne

Aug 1, 2016

I cannot say enough good things about Kiddie Academy. My experience has been wonderful and positive from the beginning. My daughter runs in there smiling and eager to start her day and leaves equally, if not more, happy than when she came in. The teachers are thoughtful and caring with my requests as a parent, but aside from that, there is a wonderful sense of family in the way that the children are cared for and the way that staff are supported by the centre manager. Each day I always look forward to reading the daily e-mail updates to see what my daughter and her classmates got up to during the day and it comes with random pictures of the children during the day participating in activities. Within five months my daughter has thrived in her development and made me more than confident that I made the right choice by choosing Kiddie Academy.


Lana Timmings

Jul 30, 2016

Sending my son to Kiddie Academy was one of the best choices I have made! The facilities are fantastic and the staff are amazing. I would highly recommend Kiddie Academy to any parent.


Vicky Ryan

Jul 5, 2016

We love Kiddie Academy! KA was the first and only daycare we saw because from the moment we walked in the door we knew it was the perfect place! I almost got emotional when being shown around, thinking about how much fun our little man was going to have there. Our instincts were right, everyday my son is excited when he sees the owl sign in the lift and all the carers are genuinely lovely and supportive. Everyday I drop my son off and pick him up I leave the building with a smile on my face…as does he.


Chen Minxian

Jul 20, 2016

The educators are caring, attentive and fantastic. The kids are all smile and happy around educators. Highly recommended for parents looking for safe quality care for their kids!


Leah Katz

Jul 19, 2016

My daughter and son have been going here for over 2 years and they love it. The staff are incredibly generous, kind, caring and thoughtful. The environment is great with such a good balance of indoor/ outdoor play, but still plenty of preschool education. I highly recommend the school.


Michelle Cooke

Jul 8, 2016

Can not recommend enough! The staff are lovely and very welcoming, from the first time we saw the place we new it was right for our twins. The playground is a added bonus to, especially the jumping castle!



Jul 10, 2016

My daughter has been attending this childcare centre from the day it opened. She started as a 1 year old in the Red Room and after 3 years, she is now one of the “big” children in the Blue Room. I have kept my daughter at this centre as the staff are simply wonderful and warm. We had tried to split a couple of days at other centres before that were closer to my workplace, including private and government-run ones, and I’ve always found the staff manner to be a bit formal and distant there. At Kiddie Academy, I feel and see that staff are friendly, compassionate, interested in the children’s growth and education and are genuinely warm to the children; often giving them cuddles. This quality of care gives me peace of mind when I can’t be there to look after my child and is a key reason why I have kept my daughter at this childcare centre. Also (unlike some government-run centres that won’t circulate photos) like most parents who attend Kiddie Academy, I love being emailed the daily journal. My daughter’s eyes light up when I show her this on the iPad or phone. She points to the photos, giggles and tells me about her friends and what happened that day. Mia (who has been a staff member since the centre opened) and Charity do a terrific job managing this childcare. They are always friendly and open to hearing any feedback and are proactive in trying to make the centre continually better. I highly recommend Kiddie Academy childcare. I don’t live or work near Alexandria and I still bring my daughter here.


Yoriko Furukawa

Jul 25, 2016

Our little girl is happy with the centre and is constantly surprising us with what she learnt there 🙂


Dayan Md

Jul 24, 2016

Kiddie Academy is a happy, fun and safe place for children and educators… It’s not just a day care centre but a second home for a lot children and their families. Each room is uniquely different with a variety of resources provided and also the large outdoor play area with shelter for children to explore in any kind of weather… All in all a fabulous place for families and educators… Cheers to Charity and her wonderful team for such great achievement..?


Rachel Kilgannon

Jul 13, 2016

The care and attention of the staff is amazing. The children are shown support each day as they achieve milestones and grow. The meals provided each day are delicious and nutritious. As a teacher it is important to know children are getting the best start in life and I know that is the case at Kiddie Academy. Choosing Kiddie Academy was the best decision, it is like a second home.


Nary Hong

Jul 18, 2016

On the day we first visited Kiddie Academy, we knew this is the place our baby should stay. We’ve been sending out baby since he was five months old. All my anxiety and feeling of guilt for sending him at such an early stage was mitigated when I received daily journals with photos of our baby. It just proves that the staffs are committed and are constantly watching over the children. And, I can feel that the love and attention they provide are totally genuine. At the end of the first year, we were so moved when we received a file that included all my baby’s photos, artwork and notes describing how he spent the year at Kiddie Academy. The place is always kept so clean and cozy, and every staff greets you with a big smile. What I like about Kiddie Academy is that they acknowledge that every child is distinct and special, and try to cater to different cultures and needs. Most of all, our baby loves the place a lot! Whenever we drop him off, he goes straight over to join his friends, hastily waving at us.